Platinum Artsmark

We are a Platinum Artsmark school!

Introduction to Artsmark

The Artsmark Award is the only creative quality standard for schools and education settings, accredited by Arts Council England. It supports settings to develop and celebrate their commitment to arts and cultural education.

In 2015, the programme was refreshed to align with School Improvement Plans and support core EBACC and STEM priorities, giving the curriculum breadth and balance.

At New Bewerley Community School, we began our Artsmark journey in 2017/18. We submitted our Statement of Commitment in October 2018 and Statement of Impact in January 2021.

Letter of Platinum Award Status


Values and Ethos

Through our ethos, ‘Include, Create, Perform’, New Bewerley promotes arts and culture throughout the curriculum. We actively promote a lifelong love for learning and enjoyment of arts and culture through a range of experiences and opportunities. This is reflected throughout our environments, through our ethos and through our shared language to celebrate and promote our children’s achievements in arts and culture.

At least 40% of the timetable overall focuses on arts practice across the curriuclum. 





At New Bewerley Community School, leaders at all levels are invested in arts and cultural practice. Each subject leader has created long term maps, which are supported by arts practice against the school’s arts mission statement and whole school drivers.

 Charlotte Perkins is our lead arts and cultural governor and she works alongside our senior leadership team and arts leader.

Our senior leadership team and arts leader advocate the impact of arts and culture and share good practice across the local areas. Over the last two years they have supported NOCTUA, Leeds Trinity University, Leeds Cultural Education Partnership, Artforms and Kirklees Council.

Children’s engagement

All children at New Bewerley Community School can talk enthusiastically about, and demonstrate their knowledge, skills, understanding and experience of, a broad range of high-quality arts and cultural provision. We also use Artsmark’s Quality Principles to plan and measure the impact of engagement. These Quality Principles are:

  • Striving for excellence and innovation.
  • Being authentic.
  • Being exciting, inspiring and engaging.
  • Ensuring a positive and inclusive experience.
  • Actively involving children.
  • Enabling personal progression.
  • Developing belonging and ownership.





Curriculum Design

At New Bewerley Community School, through our ethos 'Include, Create, Perform', our values and impact of a broad and balanced curriculum is firmly embedded through the arts-based thematic curriculum offered across the whole setting. 

For further details of each year group's arts-based thematic curriculum, visit their class page.

Range of Offer

We pride ourselves at New Bewerley on our children's continuous access to a wider range of challenging arts and cultural experiences that are stretching their knowledge, skills and understanding. A few examples of these are the opportunity we provide our children with through our partnerships with In Harmony Opera North, Leeds Playhouse and Northern Ballet. Our children also have the opportunities to experience real-life experiences which are subsidised through our pupil premium funding - including trips to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Murton Park, Jorvik and residential trips. 




Continued Professional Development

Leaders at all levels, including those we work in-partnership with, receive high-quality CPD, which continually develops and embeds our practice and children's outcomes. 

Our Leaders also support and have previously worked with Leeds Trinity University ITT, NOCTUA, LeedsCEP, Artforms, Kirkless Council and a range of local primary schools.


In Harmony Opera North deliver music provision to all of our children. All children receive choral teaching. EYFS and KS1 receive musicianship. KS2 receive musical tuition (to learn instruments such as: violin, viola, cello, double bass, trumpet, flute, trombone, French horn and clarinet) with extra-curricular opportunities and the option to take their instrument home to practise. Our SEND provision also have a bespoke music curriculum delivered and support through music is provided to our identified SEMH children.

Northern Ballet deliver a 6-week project to our year 4 pupils, which links to their curriculum topic and includes opportunities to learn ballet, be spotted by Northern Ballet for bursary funded extra-curricular classes, and to watch a Northern Ballet performance at Leeds Grand Theatre.

Leeds Playhouse deliver a 6-week project to our year 5 pupils, which is based on an adaptation of a Shakespeare classic. Children learn a Shakespeare adaptation over the 6 weeks and perform the final piece to their family and friends on the Quarry Stage at Leeds Playhouse.

Yorkshire Young Musicians, which is an inclusive scheme aimed at exceptionally talented young musicians, offers some of our children bursary-funded places subject to audition.




Equality and Diversity

All children have equal access to arts and cultural activities and to the resources available. At New Bewerley Community School, we recognise that some children take longer to develop the necessary skills and we cater for those children by providing additional opportunities for skill development. Children who need additional support are identified by the main teaching adult early and the impact of intervention and progression is carefully monitored. Children with a physical impairment are catered for, and progress is monitored, according to their individual action plans.

As part of our school ethos and curriculum drivers, we also ensure our children, their community and their cultures are represented in the learning that takes places.




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