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Welcome to New Bewerley Community School, where pupils aged 4 to 11 thrive in an inclusive, multicultural learning environment.

Our school is founded on our values – Include, Create, Perform – and the differences we each bring here. Not only do they help to make us stronger, celebrating these – together – makes us the happy, supportive and ambitious school that our pupils experience every day. As such, pupils look out for each other, settle in quickly and make friends easily.

Our enthusiastic and dedicated staff encourage all of our young people to learn and grow by being open-minded and listening to others. We are proud of the wide range of religions, cultures, traditions and backgrounds that make up our diverse family of learners which, we believe, helps to enrich the lives of all our pupils.

In addition, a wide range of experiences and the promotion of British Values across the curriculum helps to develop the spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding of our pupils. Equality of opportunity and positive relationships between adults and children ensure it is a journey we are on together.

“Pupils are well-behaved, feel safe and have a positive attitude to learning.”

“We’re all different, but that’s what makes us unique!”
Year 6 pupil


Our teachers have high expectations and high aspirations for all our young people, who thrive within a caring and stimulating environment in which there are numerous opportunities to learn together and play together.

In our eyes, our pupils are all ‘superstars’. We encourage them to be brave with their ideas, to surprise themselves, try new things, inspire others – and have fun.

A broad and balanced curriculum is tailored to our pupils’ individual needs and abilities, while an emphasis on literacy, numeracy and other essential skills such as teamwork and the ability to communicate, gives our pupils the tools they need to achieve their best.
At New Bewerley, we believe the arts can have a powerful effect on raising attainment, and so we give pupils every chance to be creative, including working with visitors from organisations such as Opera North and the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

A cross-curricular approach to learning, as well as whole school themed weeks, also ensure that lessons are exciting, interesting and meaningful. We believe this helps to develop a love of learning, deepen knowledge, build confidence and motivate pupils to make excellent progress.

At all times, we ensure that the most-able pupils are stretched and challenged, while those who have special educational needs receive expert and targeted support.

“Lessons are fun! Drama and English are my favourite subjects.”
Year 4 pupil


We aim to provide a quality education, and encourage all of our pupils to plan ahead and work hard by becoming reflective learners with a sense of responsibility for their own learning and development. Only then can they grow their individual talents and put what they have learnt into action.

Our parents and carers say they trust us, and are keen to work with us. Consequently, they frequently help out in classroom activities such as reading workshops and language development, ensuring that we are “the school of choice” in the local area.

We welcome the active part they play in their children’s education and the positive contribution they make to the life of the school. Excellent relationships between staff, pupils, parents and carers also encourages good behaviour and regular attendance.

“Lessons are well planned to ensure that learning activities and resources suit the needs of all pupils in the class.”

“I love helping out, and the children seem to enjoy it too.”

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