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Wellbeing, PE & Sports Premium


At New Bewerley Community School we place a high value on Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) and children's wellbeing. 

Please click the PSHE logo below to read our intent, implement and impact statements. 

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Your family's wellbeing is very important to us here at New Bewerley Community School. We're very lucky in Leeds to have many different services on offer to support your physical and mental wellbeing. You can get advice and support about quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, healthy eating, getting enough exercise and looking after your mental health. Just click on the links below to explore what is on offer to you. 

One You Leeds




School, Child & Family Friendly Policies

Drug Education Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

RSE Primary School Guide For Parents

Child and Family Friendly PSHE PolicySchool PHSE Policy

Child and Family Friendly SRE Policy

School RSE Policy

NSPCC Report Removal Tool


At New Bewerley Community School we recognise the importance of physical education for all children.

We use the REAL PE and Gym scheme to implement a progressive sports curriculum which allows children to develop key skills, across all key stages.

Please click the PE logo below to read our Intent, Implement and Impact statements.


Sports Premium Document 2021-2022