New Bewerley Community School

Attendance & Absence

All pupils at New Bewerley Community School are expected to have 100% attendance.

We believe that good attendance will help to secure your child’s future by enabling them to achieve the best they can.

New Bewerley Community School and Leeds City Council Targeted Services (JESS) are committed to helping you support your child’s attendance.

Attendance Policy

School expectations:

  • Children are expected to attend school every day on time. The school day starts at 8.50am. At this time all children are expected to be in their classroom.
  • The school closes in the afternoon at 3.15pm. Parents are expected to be there to collect their children promptly. If children are not collected at the correct time, then school will consider placing them in After School Club and parents will be charged
  • Parents are expected NOT to remove their children from school during term time for holidays. Holidays will only be authorized by the Headteacher in EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES. Please be aware that fines may be issued if unauthorized holidays are taken.
  • Absences will be authorised for the following reasons ONLY:

A. Illness: All illnesses are expected to be reported to the school office
by parents as soon as is possible in the morning and must be confirmed
either by an appropriate letter from the doctor, an appointment card or
sight of a prescription. If your child has a cough or cold or other minor
ailment we expect them to come to school. Parents will be contacted if
the illness becomes worse.

B. Medical Appointment: All medical appointments must be supported by a letter or appointment card from the doctor, hospital or dentist.

C. Religious festivals: For Eid, Diwali and the celebration days of other world religions a letter is sent out from school informing parents of the days which will be registered as Authorised Absence.

D. Bereavement

Application For Exceptional Leave In Term-Time