New Bewerley Community School

Student School Council

Our Student School Council have been able to start their meetings once again.

Message from the Communications Team

We meet every Wednesday and we discuss ideas for the school. The Communications Team members are from Year 2 to Year 6, Year 5 and 6 help to guide the younger members of the team.

This year we have successfully fundraised for a new freezer, created parking tickets to keep our school safe, we took part in a whole school celebration for The World Reimagined. We also create questions for the school to answer as part of a Class Council meeting - these are fed back to the relevant teachers and subject leaders. 

Meet the Team 

School Council (ID 1283)

  • Head Teacher Liaison
  • Secretary
  • Question Finder
  • Staff Liaison
  • Assembly Co-ordinator
  • Action Team Member
  • Action Team Member
  • Action Team Member
  • Action Team Member


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What do the children think about the School Council?

  • They want to make positive changes and help school.
  • They think it is important to have your voice heard.
  • They want to encourage following the school rules.
  • They love having a responsibility within school.
  • They like giving school tours to our visitors.
  • They like attending the meetings and think it is fun.