New Bewerley Community School

In Harmony Partnership

Introduction to In Harmony

In Harmony Opera North is a Community Residency programme taking place at six schools in South Leeds and engaging over 1800 children in full-time education. As the only In Harmony project that is delivered by an opera company, it focuses on singing, instrument playing and other elements that make up the operatic art form.

In Harmony Opera North delivers an inclusive programme of high quality music education and performance opportunities to encourage young people from all background to engage with the arts and benefit from a range of wider outcomes.

The programme aims to raise aspirations, increase expectations, and use group music-making as a way of developing communication skills (namely listening, teamwork and respect), confidence and self-worth, creative problem solving, adaptability and perseverance.


Through our school ethos: ‘INCLUDE, CREATE, PERFORM’, Music Education at New Bewerley Community School consists of a robust and progressive high-quality curriculum, including experiences and opportunities for all our children. We believe that music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity, and from Foundation Stage to Year 6, pupils will learn to achieve their full potential in a range of music strands:

  • Listening skills
  • Vocal skills
  • Instrumental skills
  • Reading skills
  • Musical knowledge
  • Ensemble skills
  • Creative skills



At New Bewerley Community School, we work in partnership with In Harmony Opera North to provide all children with world renowned teaching and learning experiences, and embed this throughout our school community. The music education designed for our children will inspire all pupils to succeed and excel in a range of musical skills as well as in other performance opportunities. Pupils will become musically confident in a way which supports their creativity, musicality and social and emotional wellbeing, and have the opportunity to showcase their talents at big events on renowned stages; building character, friendships and embedding values such as team work and respect which they can take on to Secondary Education and throughout their whole lives in careers and hobbies.


Evidence is collected through the evaluation of our bespoke objectives each term. This enables artists and teachers to reduce variation and challenge children to continually work at/ to a high standard, which exceeds the expectations of the National Curriculum.

As part of our Artsmark progress, our arts leader continually monitors the impact on our children’s teaching and learning, as well as the wider impacts of the In Harmony project (e.g. attendance, well-being, etc). This information is used to strategically develop teaching and learning expectations.


Quotes from stakeholders

“It makes me feel really alive because I’m singing in front of an audience and if I continue doing the good work maybe I can become a singer in my life.” Levi, 9 years old.

“The confidence in which our children gain from the In Harmony partnership is incredible. Our children know they can achieve anything with perseverance and hard work!” Class teacher.

“Brings tears to my eyes. Never miss any concerts. Very proud of my daughters. The teachers are fantastic at this school!” Y4 parent.


At New Bewerley Community School, we aim to meet the needs of all our children by differentiation, providing a variety of approaches and tasks appropriate to ability levels. This enables children with learning and/or physical difficulties to take an active part in learning and practical activities and to achieve the goals they have been set. Children will be given enhancing and enriching activities to enable them to progress to a higher level of knowledge and understanding appropriate to their abilities. Our gifted and talented children are also able to receive a means tested place at Yorkshire Young Musician and Opera North’s Children’s Chorus – which parents are supported by school in the application process and children’s outcomes are monitored in partnership with the organisation and the Arts Leader.

Equality of Opportunity

All children have equal access to music activities and to the resources available. We recognise that some children take longer to develop the necessary skills and we cater for those children by providing additional opportunities for skill development. Children who need additional support are identified by the main teaching adult early and the impact of intervention and progression is carefully monitored. Children with a physical impairment are catered for, and progress is monitored, according to their individual action plans.

Learning at home

As part of the In Harmony partnership, each Key Stage 2 child has their own musical instrument. Children are responsible for their own instrument and have the opportunity to take it home to continue their learning. This is monitored by the class teacher, with music resources provided by the child’s teaching artist.

Yorkshire Young Musicians (YYM)

YYM provides advanced training for exceptionally talented young musicians. It aims to enable specialist young musicians to benefit from the highest quality tuition in their locality. YYM provides specialist (one-to-one) instrumental tuition and advance general musicianship training across a wide range of musical genres and traditions.

Currently, about 10% of our y6 pupils attend YYM on a Sunday following their progress through the In Harmony partnership which they have received as part of their education at New Bewerley Community School.

If you would like to read more about YYM: Click here


School Ensembles/ Performances

At New Bewerley Community School, we strongly believe that music enriches the lives of people, and it is our aim to involve as many children as possible in musical activities. All children in their key phase will access weekly choir session, Key Stage 2 children will access weekly orchestra sessions and we aim for all children to perform to the wider community at the end of each term. Recently, our children have performed at Leeds Town Hall, Trinity Leeds, Newcastle Sage, St Luke’s, and many more. Beginning in 2019, our children and parents are also invited to a Community Sing at the end of each half term – this enables parents and children to come together through music.